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Mixed tray - 10 assorted plants - (Set N)

MLD Succulents

Regular price $50.00
Mixed tray - 10 assorted plants - (Set N)
Mixed tray - 10 assorted plants - (Set N)
Mixed tray - 10 assorted plants - (Set N)
Mixed tray - 10 assorted plants - (Set N)

Mix of 10 plants for only $50

Postage: Flat rate $20 via express post

1. Echeveria Agavoides sp.
2. Echeveria Alpine RoseĀ 
3. Aloe cv Angelo Latte
4. Pachyphytum GlutinicauleĀ 
5. Pachyphytum Compactum white formĀ 
6. Sempervivum Pink PuffĀ 
7. Crassula Plegmatoides AKA Crassula Arta
8. Senecio Peregrinus - String of Dolphins
9. Graptopetalum pachyphyllum
10. Aeonium Simsii

Please note and accept the following terms before making a purchase:

  • All plants will be sent bare-rooted - no pots with minimal soil.
  • Buyer will receive the plant in the photos or a similar one.
  • Colours and sizes of succulents change drastically throughout the season due to maturity, temperature, sunlight exposure, and other factors. Plants may appear slightly different, ie dry, wrinkled and smaller when received due to delivery process - drying before packing and travel time.
  • Plants damaged, lost or delayed in transit do occasionally happen, we will NOT be responsible for any parcel once it is in the hands of Australia Post.
  • If you have any concerns/complaints please message usĀ WITHIN 24hrsĀ upon receipt so we can address them accordingly, messages after this timeframe will, unfortunately, be disregarded.
  • We only send plants via EXPRESS POST on Mondays to Wednesdays to avoid plant damage due to lengthy travel time. Tracking numbers are always provided to buyers. Insurance is also available upon request.
  • Payment cut off - THURSDAY 11.59pm AEST - orders and payments after the cut off period will be sent the following week.
  • We cannot post to WA, TAS, and NT due to quarantine restrictions.

šŸŒ¹Pick up is also available. MLD succulents garden is situated in Narre Warren East VIC Australia 3804.

Please message us to arrange your visit.

šŸŒ¹ Thank you and happy planting šŸŒ¹Ā 


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